You Know You Work In a Start Up When…

1. You have salmon sashimi for lunch almost every day. Sushi is the scent of the start up; minimal, sleek, usually stale after a week.


2. You have a swear-jar in your office for the overuse of the word ‘edgy ‘; it’s rumoured to be draining the company funds.

3. You find yourself using the word ‘demographic’ in any meeting with a client over 25. You also might wear converse to said meeting to be subversive. And a denim shirt.


4. During breakthrough days, you get late-night chinese take away and eat them out of the paper boxes with chopsticks, like something out of the West Wing.

Chinese Takeaway

5. You’d sell your grandmother over losing your ‘mood board’, Hail app or whiteboard markers

6. You have more Twitter followers than phone contacts. You have more phone contacts than Instagram followers, mind.

7. You start referring to your meetings as ‘o’clocks’ because you once saw Samantha in Sex in the City do it. ‘Hold my 1’o clock’ she said as began to unbutton her shirt.


8. You either ride a bicycle, wear a ‘Where’s Wally’ undersized beenie, shop at Borough Market or drink bloody mary’s in speakeasies with Chelsea first-names; Juliet’s, Barts…


9. You’ve bumped into the cast of Made in Chelsea twice this week. You’ve yet to be invited on the show.


10. You really, really like coconut water.

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