What the Inside of a Playboy Party Looks Like

I know what you’re thinking. Playboy… Tacky, right? Well, yes. Tacky. Very tacky indeed. And offensive, no? To be honest, I thought my feminist sensibilities would get the better of me, leaving me ranting and raving about the peril of the patriachy, the horror of it all, the bunny ears and the humiliating fluffy tails. But I hate to say it – the Playboy Midsummer Party was kinda fun. I mean, sure, every girl is dressed like a cliched sexy Christmas mammal, and the club itself is full of some serious dubious-looking 70-somethings with slicked-hair silver hair and a cigar dangling not-so-seductively from their lower lip, but it’s got quite a light, playful spirit about the place. The Playgirls seemed to be having fun; it wasn’t the seedy atmosphere of a strip club, where you can see that shadow of sorrow behind every dancer’s eye if you hold their stare too long, the girl’s role seemed to be completely consensual and totally harmless. And, besides that, they’d gone all out for the theme – there was a Mad Hatters Tea Party with actors walking around the club pretending to be lost in Wonderland, and any club night that involves cucumber sandwiches, raisin scones with clotted cream and jam, and mini strawberry milkshakes has my vote. Here’s some photos from the night, and many thanks to my willing guest, who didn’t seem to mind too much about going to this particular location for a social experiment. But then again, why would he?

Greeted on stilts...

Seduced by mini pink milkshakes...

Baloons are fun

Scary-looking passionfruit things...

Baloons are fun

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