Why PR Needs Some PR

People get PR wrong. Before I worked at Suitcase Magazine, there was always something I didn’t get: I knew what it was, but I didn’t know why it existed. Thanks to Instagram, people think it’s all champagne lunches, an endless stream of sashimi and dining off clients’ money. But they, I, are so wrong…. PR has heart, man, it has soul. Imagine how hard it would be to promote someone else’s successes, someone else’s products, someone’s else passion, day in, day out. It’s a job that requires endless enthusiasm, belief and personality. Beyond that, it also takes an awful lot of coffee to send so many emails.

Hence a lot of this too

I respect PR people hugely; they have to work around the clock, handling disasters, miscommunication and rejections, and ultimately they are accountable on a set of almost invisible criteria. How do you measure the success of public relations? People try, of course; they may count tweets, column inches in the commuter papers, likes on Facebook, but we all know really that a brand’s success is almost intangible. It’s getting things onto lips, not onto ink, that counts.


So what PR really is, at its heart, is a group of chatty, bubbly people, who work tirelessly, probably often thanklessly, to promote things to the world, and they never really know whether anyone is listening. It’s like they’re doing the monkey bars in a playground full of mimes… It’s a bloody nightmare.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 02.37.22

(filofaxes help)

I’ve met with some incredible PR people over the last year and I’ve always wanted to say thank you – for the understanding, for the guidance, for the endless smiles and the little touches that makes all our jobs, all of our lives, fantastic. Without PR people, journos would working around the clock to hear about what’s going on, to find facts, and they’d be so tired the whole time, they’d end up spelling everything wrong and the whole industry would probably implode like a sad soufflé. The PR world is the engine of journalism, it breathes life into it, and not through breakfast meetings alone.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 02.53.48

So here’s a shout out to some amazing people – if you’re wondering who to consult for your next food venture, meet Sophie Ralls at D&D, who gets anything off the ground in in a flash, is forever smiling and constantly babbling about her last meal.


Daniel Williams at Profile PR is like a public relations wizard; we’re talking last-minute requests, like sourcing 20 trunks to decorate Suitcases one-year anniversary party, from London to New York, in a matter of hours.


If you need to know about food, the girls at Bacchus PR are some of the most well fed and watered individuals in London – and they’ll always recommend places (clients or not) that they truly love. I’ve never been led wrong by the recommendation of these gals, and they’re always throwing treats our way. Nom.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 02.29.29

And Victoria Bond at Push PR is one of the most lovely people you could meet – she loves the brands she works with (her wrists full of jewellery are testament enough) and you’ll never see her without a smile. Go to her for a bit of fashion advice and she won’t lead you wrong.


So thank you to all you lovely people, God only knows what we’d do without you.

Snake oil or not – what do you think of PR? Hit me up – @jellymalin

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