To celebrate my mum’s birthday, I thought I’d take her for a nice meal. Ok, that’s a lie; I’m the worst birthday present buyer ever, and so what really happened was that opportunity struck to be a bloody brilliant daughter.

I’ve never won anything in my life; not a race, a goldfish or even a free pint in those ‘toss the boss’ competitions. So it was much to my surprise when last Friday an email landed in my inbox to tell me that I’d be selected to experience Tom Aitkens’ 10-year anniversary meal at Tom’s Restaurant in Chelsea. To celebrate Tom’s 10 years of brilliance as a Michelin-star chef, he created a special menu that ran for one day only – 10 courses from the last 10 years, each one representing the best dish he created that year, starting in 2003. The fact that this menu only existed in time for one day only made it feel very special indeed. It also cost £10. I think I forgot to mention that.

Not one for the straight-out food posts normally, but time is how you spend your love right, and last Thursday I spent my love with my mum, on her birthday, eating beetroot jellies, so I think it fits the bill. Apologies for only featuring 9 courses, I ate the pigeon dish so quickly, I forgot to photograph it:

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