Make It Happen

2014 is the year of making it happen. Whether that’s  new skills, a new car, or, in my case, a new magazine, I think this year is all about taking a leap of faith into the unknown. After all, how long can you stay in the known? I can’t admit to be an expert on the subject of making things happen, you should certainly follow Jamal Edwards on Twitter for that, but what I can advise is seek the comfort of others who have done the same – I’ve found inspirational, motivational books such as the 4-Hour Work Week and Life’s a Pitch truly amazing in making a leap this year. Turns out Americans had it right the whole time, you really can change your life by reading self-help books and doing some meditative long walks.

While you make a note of what you’d like to change about your world and situation this year,  have a browse at the photos from this week’s Saturday Editorial Team meeting below for About Time. Magazine. Big thank you to sponsors  for supplying treats for this week’s team, we were most satiated by your delicious offerings.

Vote for me in the Blog Awards (closes tomorrow!) and let’s all make things happen. If you’d like to join my #SaturdayEditorialTeam on the 8th February, email or tweet at me @jellymalin.

Jels x


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