About TSL

“Time is how you spend your love”

                        -Zadie Smith, On Beauty

Time.Spend.Love is a little place for reflection. It’s a blog dedicated to me, to you and to all the others who think that emerging tech has nothing to do with how we speak every day. It’s my quiet place of solitude, in a world so caught up in exercising their thumbs, that just wants to step away for a second and ask whether time really is still how we spend our love.


 If you’re wondering about me, then here it is: I’m Angelica, a freelance journalist and editor, with a passion for media, editorial and helping young people get things going. I was previously Senior Editor at Suitcase Magazine for almost 2 years – I’m also a columnist at The Telegraph and Co-Founder of The Spoon Fools, now about to launch my own online magazine About Time. Magazine. Because, well, it’s about time. I also work for venture capital firm Miroma Ventures, you can follow them on Twitter here.

Writing-wise, here’s some stuff I’ve written for the Tellygraph and the BeebThanks to one random post, this blog was, for one day only, the fastest growing blog in the world. And then normality returned and the world moved on.. I do freelance social media consultancy, so get in touch if you’re interested in that or any advertising opportunities on TSL, I always reply.

Twitter: @jellymalin 
Instagram: @jellymalin 
Facebook: Time Spend Love
Email: angelica@abouttime-mag.com
YouTube Channel: youtube.com/timespendlove
Jels x 

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