I like words.

The Telegraph – ‘Student entrepreneurs: what are you waiting for? – published 21st May 2013

The Telegraph – ‘Student Life: the exam term library survival guide’ – published 31st May 2013

Buzzfeed UK – ’10 signs you’ve been in the library too long’ – published 15th May 2013

BBC News – Chaos and Camaraderie in Istanbul – published 3rd June 2013

The Telegraph – ‘Freshers’ Week: what student stereotypes have you met?’ – published 10th September 2013

The Telegraph – Freshers’ Week: what does it mean to you’ – published 23rd September 2013

The Telegraph – ’10 signs you survived Freshers’ Week’ – published 7th October 2013

SUITCASE Magazine – September Issue, Print: ‘In-Flight Entertainment’ (6-8)  ‘Timo Weiland’ (10) ‘Karakoy Kool’  (p.40) ‘Cloud Nine’ (p.42)  ‘Pillow Fight’ (p.45) ‘Daniel Lismore: Kaleidoscope of Fantasy’ (70) ‘Live Clean, Sleep Green’ (100)

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